apologies for the deception jon


Drawn quickly for Fat Bear Week. Oh Peter, you're gonna be thinking of revenge real soon.

Done for a request on Twitter - a waltz, perhaps on a ship.

A soft moment in the morning.

Sometimes one just needs a moments peace.

A birthday gift! A chilly walk, though I don't think holding Peter's hand will warm yours up, Elias.

Sunday morning dance! I just like 'em when they're cute.

Just lazing about.

A lil set of charms done for a friend! You can tell this is an early picture, because Elias doesn't have his glasses yet.

Fat Bear Week part TWO! Drawn for 2021! What horrible things has Peter seen, and why does Elias like them so much?? I do love picturing Elias as this absolute hedonist, especially when he's in a good mood with Peter. He's safe and sound and sexually free and can do ALL the drugs!


You can tell a ship is a good one when it can be both tragic, sexy, and fucking hilarious, and these guys deliver in droves. Both characters separate are great, but damn I'm so glad the fandom went ham on shoving them together.