apologies for the deception jon


My OG JonTim pic. I was listening to The Greatest Showman on repeat and hoo boy that's a fun one if you want to think of it in a darker, Stranger sense! Anyways, one of my favourite concepts is Tim coming back all circused up to wreak havoc on Jon's already terrible life :3. Ivelostmyspecatcles wrote me a fic based off this one!

just surrender, cause you feel the feeling taking over

Another early one. They stayed in a bed and breakfast together before the end! A bed and breakfast!! This was done as a request, and the requester (ivelostmyspectacles) wrote this amazing fic in return!

His Love to Guard Me Through the Night

Some gentle, soft moments.

More Stranger!Tim! What have you gotten yourself into now, Jon? Where will you keep this troublemaker?

The header image! Done for JonTim week 2021. Sadly even though this is my fave pairing I was only able to knock out this one (though, that happens literally every fandom week, haha). Sort of a redo of the top one up there, a dance in the dark from unknown hands.

God, what if Tim had a beard or some scruff going on... I live for a dilf-y Tim. Lemme touch those cheeks.

More softness ;-; Let them rest.

The dynamic of technically hating/not trusting one another but ALSO falling into bed together at the end of the day, because who else do you really have?? Is just. Chefs kiss.

Morning pick-me-up! Jon loves it. Clearly.

Ringleader Tim planting one on a terrified Jon :3 Best run, my guy.


Such a tumultuous relationship... of course there's the early years, stolen glances and awkward flirting, Jon impressed by Tim's work ethic, Tim amused by Jon's... everything. And then, of course, the distrust, the paranoia, biting remarks and shoulders as they fumble in the dark, bubbling anger fueling their need...