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fic recs

Here's a few of my favourite fics! This is by no means comprehensive, and I'm sure I'm missing some absolute bangers, but, well, these are what's in my bookmarks folder currently. This list will be continually updated!


[heaven-sent T.N.T] by sandpapersnowman; Aw yeah, probably the first compulsion/confession fic I'd ever read! Just so perfectly sexy but also very very sweet and somehow in-character.

[the Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known] by DamagedDolly; Just an incredibly tender fic revolving around a Jon who learns that he likes to regress, and his and Martin's sweet romance. It's all very cute and slice-of-life, and honestly one of my favourite things is the bond Elias makes with him and Martin - it hits the JonElias shipping part of my soul despite them having no romance; the caretaker aspect is, apparently, good enough for me. I also like how we slowly learn everyone's thoughts on Little-ness and how they relate to it - the author does a great job uncovering their philosphy on the whole thing. And as of posting this here, this fic is 199 chapters long and still going! The author generally updates during the night, so when I wake up in the morning I get a little bite-size chapter of pure cuteness, and it just makes my morning every time.


[bound with everlasting chains] by ivelostmyspectacles; Currently unfinished at 35 chapters, but damn, what a ride it is! Summer is an expert at writing both thoughts and dialogue in perfect character, and who doesn't like a good slow burn with action scenes??


[socks & stories] by fav_littleleaf; Oh everything about this fic is so tactile and cozy, and it makes me want to desperately cuddle someone close in a warm, soft bed (and I don't even like cuddling!). Just the sweetest thing in the world (and, a little creepy. Maybe more than a little. But also aw-inspiring).

[The Meowgnus Pawchives] by SixofOne; God I adore these just-about-canon-compliant-until-they-aren't fics. This story is so cute and funny and utterly charming, and then there's a cat! And then there's a kiss! And it makes me melt because it feels like I'm reading a perfect episode of TMA if everything I ever wanted to happen actually happened.

[swallowed, into the belly of the whale] by kittiwake; This is somehow one of the most perfect interactions of Jon and Elias I've ever read, and it's also got fisting in it. What a world! But in all seriousnous this is done in such a way that it makes so much sense, in terms of power and control and both their characters, and is incredibly cerebral and sexy. It's delicious and heady and I want to dunk my head in and consume every single interaction between the two that we don't see.


[Birthdays of a Beholder] by YellowFlannelFrog; A gentle and quiet read on Peter and Elias' relationship, from false marriage to actual love. I really like the concept of them getting married for convenience's sake, and how Elias is just so interested in what he can't read - Peter, namely, and all the mysteries he contains. The back and forth of birthday questions is such a fun little thing between them, and so perfectly in tune to who Elias is - questioning, needling, wanting... but patient, contained. One of those gloriously long one shots where the time flies by as you're reading.


The TMA fandom has a ridiculous amount of amazing fics, so, here's where you can find the best of the best! And by best of the best I mean things that directly pertain to my interests xD