apologies for the deception jon


Memories, old, new, and strange. This was for DannyTim Week 2021! I knew I wouldn't be able to draw for each day, and I wanted to do something big for it, so I just shoved all the prompts into the background photos.

I think my thoughts for this one were, Tim survives the Unknowing and Danny comes back into his life - to... help out, of course ;) And Tim is having none of the others' resistance to a Stranger in their midst.

But either way, nicer times! Tim is just happy to have his bro back, and Danny is happy to learn how to act like a brother (he fails). And Jon is left judging Tim's thoughts but fuck it, he's got bigger issues than Tim's brother complex.

Unlike Tim, I am staring disrespectfully at Danny's fat juicy thighs.

This is basically gen but the requester asked for DannyTim and I wanted to put it on my main so shhh. Danny is trying.

Unfinished. This was for a Do Not Archive zine from 2020 that remains in limbo. A darker timeline, where Tim probably wishes he didn't survive the blast.


Oh DannyTim... when I first heard That Episode I was like Oh Dear. Dammit. Is anyone else thinking this? And people absolutely were. And I think that's wonderful. Give me ALL the guilt and complexes!